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    It's pretty simple. We're one big, happy family, focused on something we love to do: Making it easy for you to get your business online.

    Every day, we enjoy working hard to:

    Come up with new, cool, and useful features to help your website shine and get you found online.

    Tinker with, polish, and make our world-class site builder even easier for you to use.

    Talk amongst ourselves (and ask you, our Yola community) about how we can help you be more successful online.

    And we promise that whether you're a small business owner, a nonprofit, or just want to make a wedding site, a resume site, a portfolio site, or any kind of site at all, we'll help you get it done. Quickly. And easily.

    Our Story

    Yola was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 2007, the brainchild of Vinny Lingham, the pioneer behind innovative digital marketing company Click2Customers. And we still bring that special, welcoming Cape Town flavor to everything we do.

    These days, there are over 12 million Yola users and about 60 of us cheerfully working away in our San Francisco and Cape Town offices. Our Sitebuilder is available in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. All of which we speak ourselves, plus a few others.

    We're pretty modest, but we're also incredibly proud of having created a top-notch website-building service that's one of the best in the world. Just ask our customers. And we're always working to make Yola even better. But don't take our word for it. Try it, and see for yourself. It's free.

    We’re Here for You

    Our award-winning Customer Support team is a great bunch of friendly, knowledgeable, outgoing pros, on alert around the clock. They love to help out, so call on them anytime you've got a question or an issue with your site.

    You might also want to:

    Try our info-packed FAQs and tutorials.

    We Work Hard

    To Make It Easy

    Though the technology backing it up is powerful and complex, we made Yola easy for everyone to use.

    Our Sitebuilder doesn't ask you to download installations or plug-ins. It works on most browsers, and it's solid as a rock — secure and dependable.

    We're prepared to handle the good — like a big influx of traffic to your site. We're also ready to deal with the not-so-good — like a power outage. We monitor all Yola-hosted sites every minute of every day from multiple locations to ensure everything runs smoothly. Even with over 50 million web pages to serve, Yola sites experience 99.9% uptime.

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